Hey, there!  We’re not sure what brought you to our Youth Page, but we’re glad you’re here!

Youth Fellowship

Our purpose and goal for youth group (grades 5-6 and 7-12) is simple: build and nurture relationships with each other and God. We know how busy the year can get and how much stress that can bring. Our hope is that we can always provide a place for you to come that allows you to truly be yourself.

Together, those of us in youth group have braved the intimidating lines at the high ropes course, tested our skills at bowling and laser tag, and challenged each other to reach new heights at the trampoline park. To build our faith in service to others, we engage in various service opportunities throughout the year such as Habitat for Humanity and Midnight Run.

Most importantly, we welcome all teens to our community. We promise that who you are, just as you are, is a wonderful creation of God. You have something valuable to offer, and you will always be welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We hope to see you soon!


Youth Music

Do you like music?  Of course, you do!

Do you know how to play bells?  No worries — we didn’t know how to play either, but our bell choir director, Rose Krivoshik, is among the best at what she does.

  • We meet at 9:00 am to practice our bell ringing for when we perform during services throughout the year.
  • Ringing bells provides a challenging opportunity to learn and grow
  • There are always tons of smiles, laughs, and donuts to help us along!

Do you like to sing?

  • We will do some singing during the year.  Not much of a singer?  Fear not — there is power in numbers, and we always have each other’s back!

We look forward to seeing you Sunday mornings at 9:00!


Confirmation is a unique opportunity for youth to:

  • Commit themselves intentionally to understanding how the church works and what it means to be a member
  • Consider their faith more seriously
  • Delve deeper within themselves and their relationship with God

Every year beginning in February, we offer the opportunity to kids who are in the 8th grade or older (and not yet members of the church) to go through confirmation.  Working with Kiren Coleman Campbell,  they discuss a wide range of topics including the Bible, worship, and Methodist history.  Each youth works with a sponsor of his/her choosing who is a member of the church, and together they support and deepen their understanding and spirituality.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Eric or Kiren.  They will be delighted to talk more in-depth with you!