This year we are using a company called Sparkhouse. Specifically, we are exploring the bible stories through rotations:
Our Spark Rotation Lessons focus on a single Bible story for a few weeks at a time. Children will explore each Bible story for three to four weeks in order to experience the Bible story from different perspectives. They learn through art workshops, bible games, cooking, creative drama, music and hands-on science experiments to help children better grasp the biblical stories in interactive ways. In the time of COVID, these lessons have transferred wonderfully to our at-home Zoom Sunday School. Children receive a supply box each unit which includes everything from snacks, to paper supplies, to play dough to help facilitate learning right from their kitchen table!
Our theme this year is Ignite! We began our year with Genesis by exploring stories of Creation, the First Family and Noah. This semester, we are diving in to the story of Moses. Please contact Kiren Coleman Campbell if you would like more information:

Spark: Activate Faith