Habitat for Humanity  
Upcoming work days:
Saturday, February 9, March 9,  April 13
February 9 is Youth Work Day.  Contact Kiren Coleman Campbell to sign up.
If you are interested about participating on March 9 or April 13, please contact Pastor Eric or Rich Townsend







Small Group Study — Why Religion? A Personal Story
Begins Wednesday, January 23 and continues on Wednesdays through February
2:00 – 3:15 pm in Wesley Lounge
We’ll read and discuss NY Times best selling author Elaine Pagels’s, Why Religion? A Personal Story. Considered one of the most compelling religious thinkers at work today, Pagels seeks to answer questions such as: Why is religion still around today?  Why are there so many believers? How do various traditions shape our understanding of everyday experiences? Pagels sought to understand these questions after the loss of her young son and a year later, her husband.  This book weaves together the author’s personal story with her professional learnings as a professor of religion at Princeton University
All are welcome!  Books are available in the church office.





Pivot Ministries Sunday
Sunday, March 10
The men’s choir of Pivot Ministries will lead our service.